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Custom Engine & Suspension Services

Give your classic car the power to take you anywhere

Our custom engine, chassis & suspension shop

Your classic car won’t take you anywhere without the power to get it down the road to your destination. Our team has years of experience improving the power and performance of classic and muscle cars, and we want to help you get your car down the road to success.  


Some people want standard stock engines to stay true to their vehicle’s original design and style, while others want to really hear the roar and rumble of a completely custom-built motor. Whichever person you are, Creative Rods & Restoration can help you choose the engine of your dreams during the restoration process! 


Creative Rods & Restoration also offers custom chassis fabrication and suspension systems for our clients and would be happy to talk you through your options. We use only the finest crafted materials and equipment to ensure you have the best handling and smoothest ride ever.


Get in touch with our team today for a chat about upgrading your engine or suspension.


Custom engine, chassis, and suspension that works with your build!

We always want to make sure that our clients get everything they want for their classic car which is why our custom engine services can include:

  • LS engine swaps 

  • Custom engines 

  • LSX conversion kits

  • Custom chassis 

  • One-off custom suspensions

  • Pro touring suspensions

Enhance the performance of your classic car or hotrod with help from our team of restoration experts.

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